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Went to see "Julie & Julia" at our local theater in Greenbelt. The theater dates back to the founding of the town in 1939 and has a nice big screen. It's also reasonably priced. Much to my surprise, they are showing "Julie & Julia" this week, as usually they don't show first run movies. So Trix and I decided to catch the late afternoon showing. The film is good. Meryl Streep, as Julia Child, was excellent, as was Amy Adams (Cousin Beth in the "Family" episode on "Buffy"). It failed to have any explosions or rocket launchers, so it was a fairly quiet film, but very well done and entertaining. I would recommend it.

Afterwards, went to the local Chinese restaurant and had dinner. All in all, a good day.

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Date: 2009-08-10 03:19 am (UTC)
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What a coincidence! Friends and I also attended a late matinee of this very same movie today--but of course, in a different town. We also enjoyed it--at least, I did, and the friend sitting next to me did. Her husband thought it merely adequate, but he's sort of a professional film geek, so has Standards. I have standards, too, but am more easily amused, especially by Meryl Streep as Julia Child stabbing a lobster. Loved Amy Adams, and Stanley Tucci (as Julia Child's husband) also deserves praise. I don't cook anything much--I can boil an egg, but no poaching!--but I appreciate the achievement of those who do, especially in tiny apartments!


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